How to create a shortcut in Linux (Ubuntu)


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Links on Windows are very easy to create, on Mac, less easy and on Linux not so easy…, I stood upon this question myself long ago and I found the easiest solution with the less amount of code. I will show you on this guide how create a symbolic link to a folder on Linux, in other words, what we do in windows, right click create shortcut. This way is more fun than windows and if you show it to your friends you’ll look like a hacker.

Getting started

We'll cover two ways of creating linux shortcuts, with the terminal and with GUI.


The process is very simple, just type on the terminal:

sudo ln -s /path/to/source/file

Note: this works if you both nodes are below you in the same tree. You can use relative notation

-s command makes it a symbolic link
-n makes it possible de create a folder-type symlink

Note that wherever you currently are is where the shortcut will be created.


To create a symlink without a terminal, just hold Shift+Ctrl and drag the file or folder you want to link to the location where you want the shortcut. This method may not work with all desktop managers.