Turn Your Love of Video Games Into a Career in 4 Actionable Steps

Jul 21, 2022 2 min read
Turn Your Love of Video Games Into a Career in 4 Actionable Steps

Video games create immersive experiences that can inspire a sense of thrill and adventure like nothing else can. If you have a passion for games that has grown over many years, you might dread the idea of a career in any other field. No matter what path you have followed until now, it is never too late to turn your love of video games into a fulfilling career that you can be proud of. While it will certainly take no small amount of hard work and commitment, you can simplify your path toward a new career down to just a few steps — ArturoFM takes a closer look at those steps below.

1. Start Growing the Skills That Interest You

Video games are fundamentally a form of software. Therefore, you can begin the journey of becoming a developer by practicing software engineering skills which include coding and programming. You can learn the basics by utilizing free resources available online and writing simple scripts to put your learnings into a workable form.

It should be said that creative skills such as writing and illustration are crucial parts of game development as well. If these are the aspects of creating a video game that call to you, start absorbing as much information as you can on the subject to further your craft.

2. Seek Further Education Online

Earning a college degree is an effective way to bolster your knowledge and receive credentials for your new skills. Experts in a variety of fields explain that earning an online degree could be the right choice due to the level of flexibility and the wide range of education options available to you.

As one example, you could go back to school and work toward a master's degree with a specialization in information technology, data analytics, or cyber security. Some schools also offer degrees in game design, allowing you to focus on the specific skills you wish to nurture. Going to art school or earning a degree in creative writing are also ways to get into game development from a different angle.

3. Build Out Your Online Presence

When you are ready to put your work out there, you need an online presence. Having your own professional website makes it easy to share your work with industry veterans or get discovered by teams looking to hire. Your site should have a portfolio page that showcases your software or other prior work related to your pursuits in game development. Social media platforms are also powerful avenues for connecting with peers and sharing your resume.

4. Look for Work in Your Field

The field of video game development can be competitive at times, but it is also growing to include more opportunities at every level. You might start by seeking freelance opportunities that can help boost your budding career by getting your name in the credits of a game.

It is relatively easy for small teams to get a game published on mobile platforms, so this is an accessible way to start putting your work into the hands of paying consumers. From there, your resume can start to speak for itself when it comes time to apply for positions in more prominent studios.

Your love for video games can stoke creativity in so many ways. Whether games drive you to write, draw, animate, or build software, there is a path for you into the realm of game development. Nurture your skills, take online courses, and seize promising opportunities, and soon enough you will find yourself on the other side of the screen from players like yourself.

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