Aqua Studio Shortcuts

Aqua Studio Shortcuts



As we tend to change programs we tend to forget others. This list encompass my most used shortcuts so I don't forget them.

Format SQL Queries -> Ctrl+B
Suggest objects -> Ctrl+Space
Automate Query Writing -> Example for Select: Ctrl+Alt+S. Can be found in the Automate buttom.
Auto Completion -> On Options/SQL Editor/Auto Completion change the settings.
Copy line -> Ctrl+K

Example of common queries:

Concatenate two columns -> FIRSTNAME || ' ' || LASTNAME
Display whatever name you want on the column -> FIRSTNAME AS FirstN
Assign vatiables to tables -> FROM CARS c where c is the variable
Left outer join -> select * from bricks left join toys on toy_id = brick_id;
Filter by date -> WHERE to_char(TRADEDATE, 'MM/DD/YYYY') = '01/06/2020'