Customize Eclipse to look a little less ugly

Jul 29, 2019 1 min read
Customize Eclipse to look a little less ugly

Eclipse is a good IDE but it feels too old and it's mainly the style of it, everything looks like you are using a 90s product. So with this guide we'll try to spice things up. Kepp reading.




  • Eclipse market place doesn't open/show anything
    The Eclipse Marketplace Client, Photon edition has a bug where it fails to open in certain cases. If nothing happens when you try to access the Eclipse Marketplace via “Help > Eclipse Marketplace”, please update the Marketplace Client plug-in by doing the following:


  1. Go to Help > Install New Software
  2. Paste the Marketplace Client update site url into the “Work with” field:
  3. Select the “EPP Marketplace Client” checkbox
  4. Follow the wizard and restart your Eclipse to finish the installation.
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