Customize IntelliJ to feel as good as VSC

Jul 29, 2019 1 min read
Customize IntelliJ to feel as good as VSC


After trying Visual Studio Code for web development, I found that it was almost imposible to switch to another IDE, a real one. I got an internship and I was forced by work to use Eclipse, however as you might realized, coming from cutting edge tech VSC to Eclipse was a no no, so I looked for alternatives and I came to use IntelliJ which I had used previusly to print a hello wolrd and nothing more. After installing it, I found that it was still not quite as beautiful and nice as VSC, like it doesn't make me feel good when I code. On my search to find the perfect balance and smoothness feeling of VSC, I found the holy grail.

Install in the order presented below (after install, there is some setup that needs to be done inside settings [control+alt+s])

  • You need to open the proxy. In settings, select auto-proxy settings.
  • You need to auto accept Server Certificates. In settings, search for "Server Certificates" and click on Accept non-trysted Server Certificates automatically.



  • Remove right vertical line:
    File -> Settings -> Editor -> General -> Appearance uncheck the option "Show hard wrap guide"
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