Export Node.js SQL connection to multiple ROUTES routes

Oct 3, 2018 1 min read
Export Node.js SQL connection to multiple ROUTES routes


We have an app and we want to divide/organize our folder. We also want to use the database connection on multiple locations without having to re-write the same code millions of times.


The steps are very simple, we only need to organize them:

  1. Create in a separate file your DB Connection.
  2. Require that file on your desired route.

Get the code

File: db.js

var mysql = require('mysql');

// Create connection
function connection() {
    const db = mysql.createConnection({
      host: 'localhost',
      user: 'root',
      password: '123456',
      database: 'mySchema'

    db.connect(function (err) {
      if (!err) {
        console.log('Database is connected!');
      } else {
        console.log('Error connecting database!');
  return db;

module.exports = connection();

File: routeX.js

dbConnection = require('../config/db.js');

dbConnection.query('SELECT 1 + 1 AS solution', function (error, results, fields) {
  if (error) throw error;
  console.log('The solution is: ', results[0].solution);

There is a better way of creating connection than the above, it's called pooling connections, in case someone is interested.

Hope that helps,


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