How to configure App Groups - Apple

Sep 21, 2022 2 min read
How to configure App Groups - Apple

What are App Groups

They enable communication and data sharing between multiple installed apps created by the same developer.

An App Group allows multiple apps developed by the same team to access one or more shared containers. It also enables additional inter-process communication between those apps using Mach IPC, POSIX semaphores and shared memory, and UNIX domain sockets, among other IPC mechanisms.

How to add an App Group

Before you create an App Group, follow the steps in Add a capability to add the Apps Groups capability to your app’s target.

App groups are separated into macOS apps and not macOS apps.
If you are using Provisioning profile - Xcode Managed Profile, you only need 1 group for all platform because the id will be unique, if not, you need to create 1 group for macOS and 1 group for the rest of the platforms.

Using Provisioning profile, managed by Xcode

  1. Tap the + on App Groups to add a new group

Give it a name such as, it follows this pattern:

Value Meaning
YOUR_TEAM_ID Your team id
com.example The bundle ID of the app.
If you see it in red, tap the refresh button next to the +, if it doesn't go away, try creating the group from the UI, follow steps below.

The step above will create a group in your dev account, confirm it using the steps below.

You can find the app groups in your dev account


Access an App Group’s shared container

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