How to create a Cross-Platform SwiftUI Project

Jan 2, 2021 1 min read
How to create a Cross-Platform SwiftUI Project
This tutorial requires Xcode 12 +, macOS 11.0 Big Sur +, and iOS 14 +.

This is very easy and takes less than a minute, let's see how:

  1. Open Xcode 12 or newer
  2. Go to File, new project
  3. Choose Multiplatform
  4. Select App and click Next


  • Product Name: This is the name of your app
  • Team: This is either you or your company
  • Organization Identifier: As convention, it goes with your website like: com.arturofm. If you see under that it will use the Product Name to end the sentence.
  • The other two (Core Data and Tests is up to you if you want to use them...)
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