How to freeze your credit

Oct 9, 2022 1 min read
How to freeze your credit

Before we proceed with the steps, let's understand why should a person want to freeze the credit.

What is a credit freeze

A credit freeze is a tool consumers can use to help protect themselves against credit fraud. When you freeze your credit file reports, most companies are limited from viewing them until you "thaw" the freeze.

When lenders can't view your credit file, they can't extend credit. This means that if someone has managed to steal your Social Security number and other personal information, they won't be able to open fraudulent credit accounts in your name.

That said, a credit freeze will also make it impossible for you to get approved for credit unless you lift it temporarily or permanently.

To summarize

  • A security freeze is one step you can take to help prevent access to your credit report to open new credit accounts.
  • Security freezes are federally regulated and should be temporarily lifted or permanently removed each time you apply for credit.

How to freeze your credit

There are multiple credit bureaus, you need to create some accounts with them.

  1. Equifax
  2. TransUnion
  3. Experian
    Our of all the 3, this is the most buggy website, make sure you follow the prompts completely and complete the setup.
    You can freeze/unfreeze your credit using the phone number as well: (866) 617-1894.
    If you need to talk to someone, select through the prompts the options "other questions".

Your Rights

This guide is meant to protect you against future incidents, if you are already a victim of a theft The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you specific rights when you are, or believe that you are the victim of identity theft. To learn more about your rights under the FCRA click here.

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