Marketing quotes

May 9, 2022 1 min read
Marketing quotes

These are some of my favorite marketing strategies:

Marketing psychology 101: Sell benefits first, features second. People buy because of emotion when they see benefits to them. They justify a purchase logic based on features.
Sales hack: Don't sell the plane ride. Sell the vacation.
Content doesn't need to be better. It needs to be different.
Figure out the story of your customer 2. Tell that story in all your copy
Not convinced on personal branding? Elon has 57M followers. Tesla has 10M. Elon = person Tesla = business People. Buy. From. People.
Being different is the only true way to crush marketing.
Real goals of marketing:
• Persuade
• Entertain
• Motivate
• Educate
• Delight

Don't stray too far from these principles.
Great stories need 4 elements:
1. A plot
2. A setting
3. Characters
4. Conflict between all of them

Brandon Sanderson has a great view on conflict: It's the glue that holds the rest together. For creators, conflict is presented as roadblocks and challenges. Mistakes and failures. So share it all if you want people to engage in your story.

7-minute masterclass in marketing:
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