How to update Ghost CMS

Aug 15, 2019 1 min read
How to update Ghost CMS


Ghost is by far the best CMS I've encounter, but if you tweak it a little you are going to find yourself wasting a lot of time in each update/upgrade you do, this aims to reduce that time wasted as much as possible.

Update your enviroment:

Update your distro: sudo apt-get update
Update NPM: npm i -g npm
Update CLI: sudo npm i -g ghost-cli@latest
Update Node.js:

  1. Clean npm cache: sudo npm cache clean -f
  2. Install node helper (n) globally: sudo npm install -g n
  3. Install latest version of node supported: sudo n 10.16.2

Checks before install:

  • Was node.js updated? node -v
  • Is your Ghost ok? Call the doctor: ghost doctor
  • Make sure the setup is correct: ghost setup

After all those tests pass, do the update:
ghost update or ghost update 2.15.0

Major upgrade? Read this at the buttom.

Post update:

Did something went wrong? ghost update --rollback

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