Web Dev

Apr 2, 2020 2 min read
Web Dev


As I keep making guides and discovering new and better ways to do things, other posts get lost in the eco, so I want to make sure I list here all the ways I came through to build some web app ecosystem.

Where to host a website?

There are a lot... of options, from a raspberry pi (I saw an image of this and I thought it was funny, look below

there is nothing with that cluster, it's just super funny to me, it looks nice) to bare bone metals server or a simple web hosting with 1 click play.

As knowledge advances, you want to do things more efficient right? I use VPS to host my servers, it gives me full control over what I can do, so in this article I'll cover only medium-advance ways of doing things, I will not cover here 1 click done ways because honestly... there is lot going on behind that you don't know what's going on.


How to create a website


VPS Setup


What tools can I use?

The choices below are based on my opinion.


  • Now days I only use AWS free Tier (system is kind of advanced for a beginner tho) because it gives me so much control and has everything integrated...
  • DigitalOcean (I started learning Dev Ops with this one, I like it's simple interface)



  • Cloudflare is the option I'm currently using, it's very flexible and it's already integrated with the CDN so it works great.
  • I've always used GoDaddy but honestly the UI now looks ugly and boring, also the renewal cost is very high, that's why I switched to Cloudflare. Here are some coupons btw.

Reverse Proxy & SSL


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