Mac is running Extremely Slow with Lag

Aug 5, 2021 1 min read
Mac is running Extremely Slow with Lag

I always  wondered why my brand new mac was running at the speed of a 12 years old mac, I restarted it, did tricks found on internet by every so often the lag would continue... I finally found the answer...

The only thing that can slow it down:

  • If you use an old unsupported computer
  • Its spotlight is indexing
  • Third party process eating your CPU
  • It has tons of junk in your user folders in library/cache, library/application saved states, etc. You can flush those folders manually.

So for the most part we can discard the first 3, as I assume you know them and tried to close all the programs. I will eventually create a script for cleaning up the mac, but for now you can open the terminal and type:

cd Library/ && rm -rf Caches && rm -rf Saved\ Application\ State
If the above code doesn't work and you don't know about coding, simply go to your Library folder and delete those 2 folders (1. Caches and 2. Saved Application State)

That will clean up the junk ✅

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With love and respect,
Arturo 👨🏻‍💻

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