8 Hidden Twitter Metrics (and how you can use them to grow like crazy)

Jan 21, 2023 4 min read
8 Hidden Twitter Metrics (and how you can use them to grow like crazy)

Before we dive in...

  1. What you’re about to learn is priceless—Put it to work.
  2. I've used these secrets to get 8,396 followers in 28 days. Let's GO

Let's GO 👇

Consistency Streak (CS)

Twitter needs a consistent flow of content. The avg lifetime of a tweet is ONLY 30 mins. Give it consistency & you'll get reach & followers in return.
→ Schedule your tweets and have 1 EVERY single day.

Activities per week (APW)

Just like in a videogame, every time you do an activity:

  • Like
  • DM
  • Reply
  • Retweet Twitter assigns you an activity point for these.
    → Higher APW = Higher chances of Twitter sharing your content.

Comments per tweet (CPT)

How many replies do you get on your Tweet(s)? Why it's important?

  • CPT for each tweet = Reach of your tweet
  • Your Avg CPT = Initial reach of your tweets/replies.
    → Ask more questions in your Tweets.
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Retweets per tweet (RPT)

This is how many retweets you get on your Tweet(s). This is all about the virality of your content. My advice:

  • Use Emotions
  • State benefits
  • Include numbers

Define your angle Ask yourself: What emotions do you want to trigger?

  • WTF - It's driving me mad 😡
  • WOW- It's mind-blowing 🤯
  • ICR -  I can relate to this 😱
  • LMAO - It's Hilarious 😂
  • AWW - It's so cute 😍
  • OHH - I get it now 😮

Self retweets per tweet (sRPT)

Be careful with this one! Retweeting your own tweets might give you extra reach in the short term. In the long run, however, this will hurt you.
→ Limit your self-retweets to 25% of your tweets

Engaged people per week (ePPW)

Twitter is a social platform, it promotes engagement. Keep people engaged, and the algorithm will:

  • Favor your content
  • Push it to new audiences
    → Be interesting; Use your own contrarian/hot takes.

Two-way engagements per week (tEPW)

Two-way engagements are powerful in real life & on Twitter. Here's how it works:

  • You engage with a user
  • They engage back with your content
  • You GROW 🚀

→ Build genuine relationships with others.

Profile Quality and Virality (PQV):

I've saved the best for last! This secret metric is an avg of your metrics (last 28 days).

PQV=  CS + APW + CPT + RPT + sRPT+ ePPW (28 day avg)

→ Stay consistent for 28 days & watch your reach explode.

How to Grow your Audience

Coins is how content creators will make money on Twitter Create good content = be rewarded by the community Coins will be purchasable with cash through Stripe They'll be redeemable for cash (minimum $50 to cash out)

Content = cash

Want to get rewarded for content?

You need to have an audience


  • Reply to large accounts and popular tweets: 10 minutes a day
  • Send DMs to creators that inspire you: 10 minutes a day
  • Jump on Spaces and build relationships. Ask to collaborate on content
  • Create collaborative tweets and threads

Create 4 types of lists:

  • Small accounts
  • Small-Medium accounts
  • Medium-Large accounts
  • Large accounts

Reply to 10 people from each of list daily

Congrats. Now you've connected with 40 people today.
Do this 3 months That's the secret

🔶 Determine your niche

What are your 3 biggest passions? What is the intersection of those passions?

Lean into that niche and make sure your PFP, banner, and bio match your branding Build a QUALITY brand. Go for quality over quantity.

🔶 Master Threads

Threads are the most viral content on Twitter. A quality thread will perform better than almost any form of content

More eyes = more Coins = more money
You need to be  a master of the content that will get you attention

🔶 Start a Regular Space

Twitter Spaces will be one of the best cash generators on all of social media Spaces is the most social, engaging tool on any major site With thousands of people tuning in for hours at a time, the potential to monetize here is huge.

  • Practice by speaking on other people's Spaces
  • The only way to build confidence and skills is PRACTICE
  • After enough practice, experiment with hosting your own
  • Find a cohost you trust, schedule it weekly

🔶 Experiment with video

Video is coming to Twitter in a big way Elon announced. Vine is coming back.
The algorithm was already prioritizing multimedia

It’s time to get ahead of this trend. Ad money on videos have turned Youtubers into millionaires. The same will happen here.


  • Use your smartphone camera (nothing fancy is necessary)
  • Record short form videos (literally doesn’t have to be longer than 10 seconds)
  • Recreate memes in video form • Break down the news stories of the day
  • Give a hot take

How to get your first 10k followers:

1. Do nothing but share value
2. Talk on every Twitter Space you see
3. Find people you interact with every day
4. Be authentic. Fakes are easy to detect
5. Reply significantly more than you tweet

That's it. That’s the playbook.

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