Customizing macOS after a clean installation

May 13, 2019 1 min read
Customizing macOS after a clean installation


We all love mac products but it comes kind of plain and it lacks a lot of useful features. In this post I'll attempt to make your mac experience a little better.

This is supposed to be a guideline, not every step is necessary to make a difference.

Reverse the F keys default functionality

If you have a touch bar Mac you'll want:
System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard tab -> "Touch Bar shows" -> "F1, F2, etc. Keys"

Installing your favorite programs

I don't recommend this option since you won't have the granular options of choosing what you want to install, however, for the lazy ones or the ones in a hurry, here it is, go to getmacapps and select the ones you want to install.


Installing development programs (if you are a developer)


Security Optionals

Not recommended
Run Flash on Firefox Mac OS

Not secure but useful (also not recommended)
RedQuits -> (Actally closes the window when clicking x)

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