How to format (pretty) markdown code
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How to format (pretty) markdown code



Writing in markdown is a joy, however, writing code is not. Here is how you can "prettify" your markdown code.

Getting Started

  1. Your code may contain characters that which you cannot escape from typing ' ' so a we can fix this by escaping them. There are plenty of tools for this. I personally use:  html_escape.
  2. After you have your code escaped of the characters (some of them), copy it and paste it on your markdown editor.
  3. Place at the beginning of the code: <pre class="prettyprint"> and </pre> at the end.

Here is an example of how it would look:

import socketserver

class MyTCPHandler(socketserver.BaseRequestHandler):
    The request handler class for our server.

    It is instantiated once per connection to the server, and must
    override the handle() method to implement communication to the

    def handle(self):
        # self.request is the TCP socket connected to the client = self.request.recv(1024).strip()
        print("{} wrote:".format(self.client_address[0]))
        # just send back the same data, but upper-cased

if __name__ == "__main__":
    HOST, PORT = "localhost", 9999

    # Create the server, binding to localhost on port 9999
    with socketserver.TCPServer((HOST, PORT), MyTCPHandler) as server:
        # Activate the server; this will keep running until you
        # interrupt the program with Ctrl-C

I hope it helps.