Things to do Before Renting an Apartment/Moving out

Jul 21, 2020 1 min read
Things to do Before Renting an Apartment/Moving out

The thing about changing place is that it doesn't only take a lot of effort but like any trip, we often forget stuff. Here I'll list some of the main things to do before/after moving out.

Questions to ask your landlord

My first experience moving out was great, however now I'm stuck in a contract because I didn't ask these questions below, all of them are great questions and should be addressed:

  • How do I pay rent, and how are late fees assessed?
  • Under what circumstances will you enter my apartment without notice?
  • What is the community’s guest policy?
  • Where will I park my car?
  • How far in advance do I need to give notice before moving out?
  • Can I sublet the apartment, and if not, what is the penalty for breaking my lease?
  • Can I make changes to the apartment and will there be costs involved?
  • Are there plans to make any updates to the apartment complex?
  • Are any utilities or services covered in the cost of the rent? For those that aren’t, how are utility costs calculated?
  • What are my options for lease renewal?
  • Under which circumstances will my security deposit not be refunded?
  • How do you handle emergency repairs?

After moving out: Digital Change

In this modern world we not only have to move physically but also digitally, here are some important websites where you might have info that needs to be changed.

  • Cancel Automatic old rent payment
  • Insurances
  • License plate
  • Voter registration
  • Online retail stores (Amazon, eBay, Macy's, ....) and services
  • Credit cards
  • Automatic payments (ex: Cloudflare credit card billing address, etc)
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